Why what is happening now to the Palestinians is nothing like the Holocaust of the Jews

It occurred to me that I’ve mainly been posting other peoples thoughts lately.  So here are some of mine.



Are free to leave the country

Were not free to leave the country

Are free to work

Were rounded up and incarcerated

Are not being exterminated

Were exterminated

Are not classified sub-human

Were classified sub-human

Live under a democracy

Lived under a fascist dictatorship

Are the perpetrators Hamas, a terror organisation with the avowed intent to destroy Israel

Were the victims of the National Socialist party.

Also, here’s some of my research:


Undisputed Event

Personal Interpretation

c 70 AD

The Jews were driven out of Israel by the Romans. 

After 2000 years of displacement, they should have perished from the face of the planet.  Therefore there is a God, and the Jews are His special people.

1923 AD

Britain and France draw up Israel borders


C 1939 AD

The Holocaust

Why pick on these people?  It’s almost like there is a supernatural hatred for the Jews.

1948 AD

Modern Israel was founded by the victors of WWII, in a barren waste land (ref: Mark Twain’s account).

In part, the Allies did this as atonement for originally turning a blind eye to the atrocities of Hitler. 

1949 AD

So-called “Palestinians” (who are really just Jordanians) are urged to stay put, rather than migrate out of the area, as the occupation is viewed as a temporary inconvenience.


1967 AD

The Six Day War

Faced with militant opposition on three sides, and a build-up along their borders, Israel launched a pre-emptive strike to defend her borders.  Extra land is taken.  (Spectacularly successful: you could almost call it a miracle).

1976 AD

Syria invades Lebanon

Ostensibly, in order to “assist” during Lebanon’s civil war.  However, Syria is a Muslim theocracy.  Lebanon is a secular democracy.  The invasion gives control of tiny Lebanon to Syria.

1982 AD

Israel invades Lebanon

In order to suppress the PLO terrorist attacks against Israel there.

2000 AD

– Israel withdraws from Lebanon
– Camp David Failure

Arafat didn’t want peace with Israel.  He wanted Israel destroyed.  The withdrawal gave him hope that this was possible.

2005 AD

– Syria withdraws from Lebanon
– Israel withdraws from Gaza (returning some land taken in the Six Day War).

What happened next?  Palestine (Hamas) launches new attacks on Israel from Gaza.  This is not in retaliation of any prior action.  It is a continuation of a war of annihilation of the nation of Israel.

2006 AD

Israel defends its borders



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