United Future Board of Management Election Results

From: United Future Secretary [mailto:unitedfuture.secretary@paradise.net.nz]
Wednesday, 8 November 2006 9:28 p.m.
To: unitedfuture.secretary@paradise.net.nz
Subject: United Future Board of Management Election Results

The annual conference of the party took place on Saturday November 4th in Christchurch, and during the day the results of the election for members of the Board of Management were announced.

I am pleased to advise that the following members were elected for a three year term:-

Denise Krum
Larry Baldock
Murray Smith
Bernie Ogilvy
Gina Woodfield

They join Hon. Peter Dunne, Anthony Walton, Mark Roper, Ian Tulloch & Frank Owen, (who continue their terms in office) as the elected voting members of the Board for the coming year. Phil Johnson (Secretary/Treasurer) and Judy Turner (Deputy Leader) continue as co-opted (non-voting) members of the Board. The unsuccessful candidates in the election were Ron Garrod and Ravi Vohora.

Graeme Reeves, President of the party for the last three years, had earlier advised the conference of his intention to focus on his planned candidacy for a seat in parliament in 2008, and that therefore he would not seek re-election to the Board for another three year term. The conference warmly expressed its thanks to Graeme for the commitment of time and expertise he had given over the last three years as President and prior to that as Secretary/Treasurer.

The new Board will meet on December 8th and will then elect one of its members as President, until then Vice President Denise Krum will act in the role. I will be in contact following that meeting to advise you of the outcome.

Thanks for your continuing interest in United Future, that interest and any support that you can lend the party will be vital as the leadership look towards next year and beyond.

Phil Johnson
United Future New Zealand 


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