Family Integrity # 121 — New DVDs

Dear Friends, 

Family Integrity has produced three DVDs to fully inform you and your friends and family about the issues surrounding Bradford’s Bill to repeal our authority as parents by repealing Seciton 59.

The first has three parts: Renton Maclachlan exposes some of the lies and slander the media have promoted and makes a unique appeal using Lord of the Rings imagery to us to get informed and involved. Then I explain the main issues around repeal of Section 59. Then there is an interview with Swedish lawyer Ruby Harrold-Cleasson explaining the mess Sweden is in as a result of similar legislation there.

The second DVD is Ruby’s presentation of the sad facts surrounding the Swedish Experiment and how it has led to state abuse of families and children.

In the third DVD I get to square off with MPs Sue Bradford and Peter Dunne in a Forum held on the issue 28 August 2006 at Khandallah Presbyterian Church in Wellington. This one is a lot of fun! The thinking of each of us is more fully exposed for all to see.

Visit our website at and view from the home page a couple of wee video clips, one advertising all 3 DVDs and the other showing Bradford’s creative use of stats.

Your purchase will help Family Integrity ensure each MP will get a copy of each and you can also use your DVDs to pass around your friends, relations, church congregation, etc. It is important that we move NOW because time is short: the Select Committee is due to report back to Parliament on this Bill by 31 October and the vote will be sometime after that.


Craig Smith


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