Wellington Mayoral Free Concert

Hi Sirs

We are just promoting the Wellington Mayoral Free Concert which will be at 2pm Sunday 24 Sept. Please watch the NZ Asia TV 7.30pm tomorrow about the concert.

I would like to inform you and your colleagues to watch the NZ Asia TV 7.30pm tomorrow. The NZ Asia TV has a show of Taiwan Journal fortnightly Thursday 7.30pm from tomorrow. The TV was promoted in page 2 of the Dominion Post, Sat. 16 Sept. and the Capital Chinese News which was released Sat. 16 Sept. in Wellington Region. The Taiwan Journal is very interesting. 

NZ Asia TV focuses the general news in Wellington Region, Asian communities in Wellington Region and Asian countries. It is on UHF40 or UHF41. Information about the TV is attached.

We appreciated very much for the very good supports from you and your colleagues in the past.

Kind regards

Nick Wang

NZ Asia
The 1st Asian Affairs English Language newspaper & TV in the Lower North Island and Wellington since Dec. 2005
Capital Chinese News
The 1st Chinese Language newspaper in the Lower North Island and Wellington since April 1998

NZ Asia
Capital Chinese News
Level 5, Xacta Tower, 94 Dixon Street
PO Box 6886, Wellington, New Zealand
Ph: 04 3856600 or 3856880 Fax: 04 3856060 Cell:021436625

Level 5, Xacta Tower, 94 Dixon Street, PO Box 6886, Wellington, New Zealand. Tel: 04-385 6880 or 385 6600  Fax: 04-385 6060  news@tacsnz.com




你 的 电 视 台         你 的 生 活


Coverage                           90% population in Wellington Region, about 400,000 people and more when broadcast via Telstraclear cable TV. 由惠灵顿机场一直到坡偌入瓦和上哈特 From Wellington Airport, Miramar to Porirua and Upper Hutt. 含盖惠灵顿省90%的人口,达40万人。


Languages                         Mainly in English with Chinese subtitles or Chinese with English subtitles. Other Asian languages maybe available. 主要是英语加华文字幕或华语加英文字幕。其它亚洲语言根据需要时有兼备。


 Contents                            Wellington Regional news, TV talk show, documentaries, about Asian countries and Wellington local Asian communities. 惠灵顿省新闻大事、电视记录片、邀请嘉宾话时事、亚洲国家发展和当地亚裔社区动态等。


Showing Time                   1st show is at 5pm– 5.30pm Sunday 17 Sept. 2006 and then 7.30pm – 8.00pm Thursdays. 首次在917日星期日的5.00pm5.30pm播出然后是每周四晚间7.30pm – 8.00pm播出.


Frequency                             频道UHF 40 or UHF 41 在毛利电视台附近 Around Maori TV or Prime TV     


Advertising Rates (Prices including GST)      Effective 18 August 2006  


Launch Special                 30 秒钟seconds         $197.00
开播特价                             15 秒钟seconds         $125.00                      
1 分钟minute    $365.00

                                                          2 分钟minutes            $698.00

6 分钟minutes            $1950.00      


The half hour only allows 6 minutes of commercials               First Arrived First Served         


PAYMENT TERMS             For single and special buys: upon receipt of invoice. For multiple buys: within 3 weeks or as agreed by special arrangement.

TRANSLATION COST       NO CHARGE for standard basic text; however, some fee may need to be passed on for longer or more complicated texts/copy. Please inquire at the time you place your advertisement.
DISCOUNTS                        Available for multiple buys, annual contracts, advertorials’ and special buys for our Chinese New Year and other special editions. Please contact our Advertising Team for details.

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