PK Wellington is this coming weekend! Here’s some info.


We are ramping up for an awesome Event in Wellington this coming weekend. So far
the Events have really been up a few notches over previous years. The guys are
stoked, the speakers and musos are going for it and God is in the house!
There is a real sense that God is moving more powerfully than ever before at PK.
Without God we can do nothing. It is fantastic that He is there and He truly is
releasing His power in men’s lives.
More men are attending than last year – about 10% more in the
South Island. And they
are liking it better! We know because of the comments and also they are voting
with their wallets. Pre-registrations for 2007 are double last year’s figures.
That is great satisfaction!

This is what they are saying already about UNLEASHED Events:

Every year Promise Keepers continues to rise to meet the men’s needs.
The changes always seem to be just right for that particular conference.


As this was my first, it was all quite an amazing experience.  I knew nothing about PK
coming into this event so some things were a bit “strange” to me.  It was wonderful how
at the beginning of the Friday session I was feeling quite jaded from a long day, but as
the evening progressed I was filled with an amazing joy and excitement about the
prospective relationship that I have opened my life to with Jesus. My life has been quite
scattered but I feel now guidance is available through Jesus Christ to bring me closer to
God.  Thank you for this introduction.                                                                           Tony                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Good fast-paced program with very good drama, testimonies and speakers. 
A highlight was going with one friend as he publicly dedicated his life to Jesus

It has encouraged me to take action relying on the Holy Spirit to take my stand, to be a
man of courage, to be more Christ-like and to be of influence in the lives of others.             Sam                                                                                                                                                     

I was sitting one hand on my family photo, the other hand facing the front. The
Holy Spirit hit me – I had a river of tears and they just flowed out of me. Tears
of gratitude and joy… It just fills me up spiritually.
We run a food bank.  Such a lot
of broken people. [We] speak life into them, go to the prisons.  We do a lot with
people in early recovery.  It’s great to have a spiritual filled weekend for my own


Program design and execution matches the best in my church and military
and worker experience.  “Well done!”.
Pastor Neal

There was a strong presence of God’s spirit which touched everyone I’m sure. 
The people going forward to receive Christ as Saviour was amazing to behold.

All links go to pages of Promise Keepers website

REGISTER – All rego info. Register online until midday Thursday before the Event

WELLINGTON –  Specific info for this Event

AUCKLAND –  Specific info for this Event


GROUPS – Lots of helpful info for Group Leaders

PROMO – Resources to promote Auckland and Wellington Events

PROMO DVD – Watch our new DVD online

TRANSITION – Website about our "Transition" youth Event

                     Coming up…

Are you serious about developing Ministry with Men in your church?
Then come along to one of these seminars which will:

· Help those getting started or developing Men’s Ministry
· Look specifically at sustaining a successful Men’s Ministry over the long term

Promise Keepers Coaching will be running seminars and also be available for
personal appointments in these centres:

Tauranga            Tuesday    10 October       Faithway Christian Centre
19 Amber Crescent, Judea
Hamilton             Thursday   12 October       All Saints Community Church
Cnr Sandwich Rd & Cecil St, Bryant Park
Wellington          Tuesday     31 October       Lower Hutt Assembly of God
22 Marsden Street.
Nelson                Thursday 2 November        Spring of
Life Elim Church
625 Main Road, Stoke.
Whangarei         Tuesday       7 November   
Whangarei Central Baptist Church
202 Bank Street.
Auckland            Thursday      9 November    Eden Assembly of God Church
1 Taylors Road, Morningside

 Contact the PK Office for more information.

Choice of morning or evening seminars:
10am-12noon or

UNLEASHED is going really well James. Come along – we
think you will be blessed and enjoy new freedom.

 Promise Keepers appreciates the support of New Zealand‘s RHEMA network       



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