How To Make a Formal Complaint

Have you had a gutsful of the broadcasters in this country continually dragging the tone of our nation down?  If so, why not join me in making a formal complaint against them?
In particular this evening, I just witnessed an ad on TV3 for "Outrageous Fortune" which played at 6:39pm containing graphic images and sound bites of sexual activity.  This is unacceptable and breaches the standards of "the observance of good taste and decency".  It breaches the Authority’s regulations on "the protection of children".  Click here for a full guide on how to lodge a formal complaint.
In brief, write to the Chief Executive outlining exactly what incident you are complaining about (like I did above), and which standard you believe it has breached.  They must respond to you in 21 days.  You must send your complaint in writing.  Write to:
Chief Executive
PO Box 1334

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