HUGE Backdown by MinEd

At last, something for Christians to crow about (I know, sin of pride,  but boy THIS is something worth celebrating).  I just heard on National Radio Steve Mahary (sp?) was forced to back down from attempting to "clarify" the Ministry’s guidelines on Religious Instruction from "opt-out" to "opt-in".
Thank you New Zealand, you have finally forced Labour to realise they cannot radically alter the face of NZ society by stealth. 
Make no mistake: I predict that this is not the end of this issue.  It’s too important to the radical, anti-God element within Labour to let go.  Next will come a Private Members Bill to force the issue once more.
But in the meantime, our children may still be taught some of the beauty and legacy that is the Bible.  They can still sing the old hymns in school assembly.  And just maybe, some of them will listen to the words and realise they too need to make a personal decision to follow Christ if they want to avoid Hell.  Or at least realise that there is Someone watching over them who loves them, wants what is best for them, and doesn’t want them to tag that building.

One thought on “HUGE Backdown by MinEd”

  1. "However, schools would be warned they were breaking existing law if they said prayers at assemblies or held religious instruction or events — such as carol singing — where all pupils were expected to attend."
    In my opinion as a secularist, I think an opt-in approach is much better than an opt-out approach.


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