Why I chose to leave karate after accepting the Lord

In the past, these reasons have helped clarify the issues for others. I thought it would be good to do so in a wider forum:

  1. The difference between Christian meditation and Eastern meditation is that Christian meditation is about "filling our minds with the things of God" and "whatever is lovely, good, pure, think on these things". But Eastern meditation is about emptying our minds, relaxing them, and opening them up to "ideas dropping into them like ripples in a pond." I believe this leaves a person open and vulnerable to demonic suggestion, and over time to possession. Please note, I am not saying that everything Eastern is wrong. Christianity came from the East!
  2. In my particular style of karate there is a "kata" (precise pattern of movements) called "gek sai dai". This translates to "breaking down a small fortress." The philosophy behind this, and most forms of martial art is that whatever obstacle I come against, if I break it down into small enough components, then I can overcome anything. This sounds good on the outside, but from a Christian perspective, I know that I am a finite human being. I am not invincible nor infinite. When I am confronted by an obstacle larger than myself, if I do not acknowledge my source of strength as coming from God, then I will seek some form of "inner strength" that will come from somewhere else. Again, I believe I would find this strength from a demonic source.
  3. Finally, no matter how careful you are, the main purpose of karate (to learn self-defence) can only be tested by fighting somebody else. This will eventually lead to damage to "the temple of God." This is not good. Please note, that I am not saying that the violence aspect is wrong per se, else we couldn’t have Christian rugby players!  (Nor did John the Baptist tell the soldiers to stop being soldiers — just to be content with their pay.)  It’s just that when I was practising karate, every person I would meet on the street would instantly be sized up and their weak points considered for attack.  My mind-set was not one of peace, but of war.

One thought on “Karate”

  1. Amen to that! That topic (eastern philosophies vs christianity) needs desperate attention in my circle of friends! Keep it up, God bless you!


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