Global Consultation on World Evangelisation

Global Consultation on World Evangelisation


Pretoria, South Africa
30 June – 5 July 1997

Dear GCOWE 97 Prayer Partner,

Welcome to this global consultation on the call to world evangelisation by the year 2000 and beyond!  We come to GCOWE 97 with a purpose – to pray and seek a further movement of God to advance the implementation plans of key AD2000 national and global initiatives towards the fulfillment of the goal of a church for every people and the gospel for every person by the year 2000, with a special emphasis on Africa’s involvment through national initiatives and Joshual Project 2000.

GCOWE 97 is not designed to be a pep rally or a parade of speeches but rather we trust it will be a time where God will do a deep penetrating work in the hearts and lives of each one of us.  We want to give the Lord room to change paradigms and directions and the focus of our ministries where needed – and to offer a sobering reality check!  In addition, we hope to lay vital foundations for the ongoing thrust to expand the Kingdom of God in the 21st century.

We come here with a contrite spirit, repenting for our lack of heart, vision, and compassion – yet grateful for the blood of Jesus that cleanses us from all of our sins.  We are thankful for the power of Jesus that enables us to go on; thankful for your being here – many of you as a result of major sacrifice; thankful for our hosts, the South African churches and particularly the World Mission Centre.

As God’s servants among the peoples of the earth, we do not come with forms of crusading triumphalism in the mission contexts of the unreached peoples. Our purpose in GCOWE 97 is to see the gospel willingly embraced in every ethno-linguistic people in such a way that it meets their diverse needs, heals their deepest wounds, redeems their distinct culture, and restores their God-given dignity and destiny.

At the same time, we come to CGOWE 97 with greta spiritual expe tation.  As God’s people from more than 110 countries of the world we believe we have moved from the generation of Moses to the generation of Joshua.  The serving, surveying, soldiering spirit of Joshua moves us to ask of our Lord for the remaining peoples on earth prior to the end of th emillennium and to act as though it might be so!  He has prepared the way that there be a church for each of these people.  Our goal is to have at least an outreach team and a church for each of the remaining Joshua Project 2000 peoples by the turn of the millennium.

GCOWE 97 is strategically positioned three and a half years (or 42 months or 1279 days) before the end of the century.  This is a critical time to assess what still needs to be done as we embark on our final major drive to establish a church for every people and make the Gospel available to every person.  We come with a sense of urgency – prasing and thanking God for His provision along the way!

We come to GCOWE 97 with a spirit of hope – not of despair – with regard to what God is doing in our world.  We have seen how God has broken through resistant ideologies, peoples, cities an countries.  We have seen how the church world-wide has joined together in praying through the 10/40 Window in October 1993 and October 1995 and the plans in place to pray for the unreached peoples in the month of October later this year, even believing for over 50 million to participate!  We have seen  how the churches around the world are adopting these peoples, how mission agencies are focusing to plant churches among the remaining unreached peoples, how the women in Africa and elsewhere have mobilised so many, how the business executives are becoming involved, how the students and young people are mobilising, how the needs of the poor are being increasingly addressed, how children are getting involved, how creative avenues and approaches are bing explored such as worship and fine arts.  We are delighed to see the presidents and acdemic deans from around the world amongst us with the purpose of considering how to train students to become more effective in the context of the current evangelisation thrusts and the new millennium needs.  For all this we say "Alleluia!"

We celebrate the vision and reality of the River of Life flowing from God’s throne for the healing of all peoples (Rev. 22), broadening and deepening even as we go!  We believe that the Gospel has the power to break down every wall of hostility among all the peoples of the earth, and to make them one in Christ.  We join with God’s strong desire that none should perish, but that every person on earth should be given real access to the good news of Jesus Christ within the context of their own cultural environment, through the emergence of a viable, indigenous, church-planting movement among them.

May God bless each one of you as we gather, and for your loved ones, ministry’s and/or institutions you represent.  Thank you for your many sacrifices!  What a joy to labour together in this great cause that brings/knits us together.

Sincerely in Christ,
Luis Bush
International Director – AD2000 & Beyond Movement

The Global Consultation On World Evangelisation consists of 10 consultations in 1:

  1. Business Executives
  2. Mission Executives
  3. Poor and Needy
  4. African National Initiatives
  5. Church Planting Movements
  6. Pastors
  7. Theology and Academics
  8. Youth
  9. Worship & Arts
  10. Children’s Ministry

1. Business Executive Consultation

As business executives and professionals, they are challenged to give our response to the call manifest in the Great Commission.  Christian leaders are calling on the successful business and government leaders because they hold the key to many of the unreached nations, and peoples, in their hands. They plan to do a case study, on "How to impact a nation."  Partnership opportunities in the 10/40 window and reaching the unreached.

2. Mission Executive Consultation

The objectives of the Mission Executives consultation are to give mission executives from major denominations, parachurch organisations, and emerging mission boards the opportunity to discuss together what God is doing: to share how each is involved; and to develop networks so that each part of the Body knows what the rest is doing and how the various parts may partner in our common mission.  To give mission executives who have the missionary forces and resources to give the world an opportunity to move in unity of the heart toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission.  To give the leaders of old and new missions agencies an opportunity to dialogue and learn from one another.  To assess work among the Joshua Project’s 2000 peoples and look for places where we can cooperate for the good of the Kingdom.  To encourage the formation for people-specific networking/partnership to reach all the 1739 peoples in the Joshua Project.

3. Meeting the Needs of the Poor and Needy Consultation

People already ministering to-and involved in working with the poor and needy of the world will meet.  Their first objective will be to learn from each other and secondly to, strategically seek ways together on how to reach the "poorest of the poor" among the unreached people’s groups of the world.  In this they target the 10/40 window specifically, with the GOSPEL.

4. Africa National AD2000 Initiative Consultation

The objectives of the African National Initiatives consultation include the mobilisation of national churches in partnership with the wider body of Christ to:

  1. Penetrate the least evangelised peoples groups, geographical areas, and classes of society through effective pioneer church planting movements;
  2. Play a significant role in reaching the least evangelised peoples, areas and classes worldwide (Joshua Project); and
  3. Develop cooperative national Saturation Church Planting strategies designed to saturate each country with accessible groups of believers in Christ. 

Critical to this process is a strategic integration of all-existing AD2000 Task Forces and Resource Networks.  Among these will be a focus on national research, prayer mobilisation and strategy development.  Specialist ministries focusing on church planting among Muslims, rural and urban outreach and church planting will be covered.  Breakout groups also are geared towards resource development, and the strategic use of radio and media, audio communications, audiovisual (Jesus Film Project), Bible translation and availability and distribution of Christian literature. Further attention will be given to denominational and local church mobilisation.  The role of denominational leader pastors and lay leadres, along with the mobilisation of women and cross-cultural missionaries is vital to the process.  Under-girding all of this is a commitment to the unreached peoples and those least likely to be reached through "business as usual."

5. Training for Church Planting Movements Consultation

Church planters will discuss ways in which to train others in methods that will lead to multiplying indigenous churches amongst the unreached peoples of the world.

6. Pastors Consultation

We believe that the Essential Ingredient that is missing in the task of world evangelisation is the Local Church and that the amazing resources of people, finances, etc. that are locked up in the Local Church, needs to be released.  This consultation seeks to encourage the South African Church to fulfil the vital role that it is called to play.  We are committed to facilitating the formation of strategic vision and committed relationships, which will lead pastors into a well-defined missions process and thrust the South African Church into reaching the unreached across the spectrum, to the very ends of the earth.  This Local Church-based network of involvement in world evangelisation will serve as a model to the rest of the world and will make a church for every people, and the gospel, for every person possible by the year 2000.

7. Theological Institution Presidents and Academic Deans Consultation

For the first time in the history of international evangelical congresses focused on global evangelisation, the most strategic training institutions in the world are meeting together as a distinct group to consider their role in the fulfillment of Christ’s Great Commission.  They aim to learn from one another, to explore ways to coordinate efforts in a spirit of partnership, and to consider how to help accomplish the task of a Church for every people and the Gospel for every person.

8. University Students and Youth Leader Consultation

Ultimate objective of consultation: to construct a tailor-made strategy to mobilise the youth for missions.  Key goals: Analyse the input and expertise of all the participating youth leaders on the following subjects:

  1. Facilitating a mission movement.
  2. Community compassion.
  3. Short term outreaches.
  4. Training for missions.

9. Worship and Performing Arts in Missions Consultation

The ultimate goal of this Consultation is to raise up an army of those involved in worship and the arts, so that God will be worshipped by all peoples throught the earth (Rev 7:9).  Our objectives in this Consultation are to bring key motivators and catalyst in the field of the arts together, to share, to learn from one another and from the Lord.  To seek the Lord and in this spirit to strategise together how best to fulfill the above goal. Each person will contribute from their experience, wisdom and knowledge, culminating in the formation of a strategy, which we believe could be part of one of the greatest moves in worship and the arts since the Renaissance. Gifted Christian artists and heads of like ministries will discuss how to use the arts to gain access to restricted countries and how to impart the gospel through non-threatening presentations.

10. Children’s Ministry Consultation

Because of the vital importance of the evangelising and spiritual building process in the most receptive years of a person’s life, the committee took this challenge with great enthusiasm.  Leaders in Children’s Ministry will discuss the different circumstances of children and plan strategic initiatives for effective global child evangelism and to mobilise children in world evangelisation; both locally, as well as amongst the unreached people groups.


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