Israel is attacking Lebanese Civilians.
  • Hezbollah is using civilians as human shields.
  • Israel strives to minimise civilian casualties.
  • Hezbollah strives to maximise civilian casualties.
Israel’s military response is “disproportionate and excessive”
  • Hezbollah arsenal: 12,000 missiles
  • Thousands of missiles fired into Israel, killing civilians and terrorising one million Israelis.
  • Every country has the right to disarm the aggressor and eliminate the threat.
Hezbollah has a justified grievance against Israel.
  • The UN verifies that Israel withdrew from Lebanon completely in 2000.
  • Hezbollah stated goal is the destruction of Israel.
Lebanon bears no responsibility for the actions of Hezbollah.
  • UN Resolution 1559 requires Lebanon to disarm Hezbollah and to control southern Lebanon.
  • Hezbollah is part of the Lebanese government.
By resisting a cease-fire, Israel seeks war, not peace.
  • Israel has no choice but to remove the threat of Hezbollah.
  • A premature ceasefire would leave intact Hezbollah’s capability to attack Israel and invite future aggression.

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