8 Tests: #7 – Adapting

Sunday Service

  • 15 October 2017
  • 8 Tests
  • Adapting
  • Pastor Al Hall

8 Tests

  1. 03-Sep, Disappointment
  2. 10-Sep, Time = Patience
  3. 17-Sep, Failure
  4. 24-Sep, Misunderstanding
  5. 01-Oct, ?
  6. 08-Oct, ? (Absent because of Promise Keepers)
  7. 15-Oct, Adapting

Culture is one area of life where being adaptable is important in order to relate the gospel to others.

Matthew 4:19

  • “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”
  • He will use your occupation.
  • God will take you and use you to directly impact others for eternity if you let him!

1 Corinthians 9

  • “I become all things to all men, so that some may be saved.”
  • Being adaptable.

Reaching out to Indian Migrants

Sunday Service

  • 15 October 2017
  • Raj Narayanan
  • rajmynz@gmail.com
  • (021) 733615
  • Evangelism Explosion NZ

Reaching out to Indian Migrants.  What do Hindus believe?

  • Work towards salvation
  • 330 million gods. Three forms
    1. Human
    2. Animal
    3. Demonic
  • Karma – determines rebirth
  • Remove Sin from their life.
    1. baptism (annual)
    2. animal sacrifice (repeated)

What can I do?

  1. Pray for right souls
    1. Psalm 2:8.
    2. Ask of me, I will give you nations as inheritance and ends of earth as possession
  2. Provide hospitality
  3. Share your testimony

Ask these important questions

  • If you were to leave this world today, are you absolutely certain that you will be with God in Heaven?
  • If you were to sand before God and He were to ask you why should I let you into heaven, what would you say to Him?


  • Freely given
  • Unearned
  • Undeserved

Wages of sin is death but the free gift of God is eternal life (Rom 6:23)

  1. Removing sin
    1. Jesus washed my sin away.
    2. I am not ashamed of the Gospel for it is the power of God for salvation for everyone. (Rom 1:16)




Full Throttle Faith – Danny Guglielmucci

The pureness of your motives will determine the clearness of your vision.  He pastored a church in Babylon, Long Island, New York.


The Four Looks of Faith

  • An upward look for revelation
  • An inward look for motivation
  • A backward look for confirmation
  • A forward look with expectation


New Zealand will (once again) become a forerunner of Kingdom Alliance (Ecumenicalism)

  • Love – prove we are his disciples by demonstrating this.
  • Fruit – prove our good works by this.
  • Continuance – A Churchian is easily offended. But Christians are easily extended.


Are you willing to live with contrasts?

  • I’m not a Christian just because of what Jesus does.
  • I’m a Christian because of who Jesus is.
  • I am not serving Christ to kill the pain.
  • I am serving because I’ve had the four looks of faith and I can stand.


The full journey of faith:

  1. Comforted by the Gospel. Reveals Christ.
  2. Connection to the Body. Your “ands” will determine your “end”.  (Peter and John.  Paul and Barnabas.)  Reveals the Church.
  3. Embrace the Cause of Jesus Christ. Evaluate, don’t evacuate.  Reveal the Cross.
  4. Commitment to the Cause. Get baptised.
  5. Go through Crisis. The initial sign of true discipleship.  Develop Character.
  6. Develop Conviction.

Live a life of Consistency.  Await the Crown.

Keeping Clean in a Dirty World – Sy Rogers

Common Mistakes in Dealing with Sinful Thoughts

  1. Suppress them
  2. Give in to them


Instead, you should:

  1. Admit them (confession)
  2. Submit them (leave them at the foot of the cross)


Instead of running from God, try running to God.


It may be embarrassing to confess a sin, but it’s better than keeping a secret with Satan, because when you do, then it will surface later at a less convenient time.  (Be sure your sins will find you out.)


Christianity = Sinners Anonymous

  • Weekly meetings to stay the programme.
  • Reliance upon a Higher Power to overcome my addiction
  • Instead of 12 steps, we have 10 Commandments


What does God really say?  Some boundaries:

  • Your body is My temple: don’t misuse it sexually.
  • Don’t look at a woman sexually.
  • Beware of those who say the grace of God gives you permission to do what you should not do.


Retrain your neural pathways

  • Be not conformed to the world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind by the Word of God.


The goal is self-control.  On the journey to self-control, there may be necessary steps to take.  However, porn is never acceptable.  There is no good reason for a man to look at another man’s daughter to use her sexually.

Happy Wife, Happy Life

Paul Subritzky

  • Proverbs: Who can find a virtuous wife?
  • What does a woman want?  Public honour/praise.
  • What one thing does she hate doing?  Putting the rubbish out.
  • Take the time to write down your words of appreciation/love in birthday cards, Christmas cards, notes, etc.

Richard Black

  • Don’t confuse love with affection.
  • Affection is a feeling which grows and ebbs.  Is there unforgiveness?  Repair affection with forgiveness and trust.

Benny Tan

  • “I am sorry”
  • “I love you”
  • Don’t say these 6 words in the same sentence!
  • Date your mate.  The payoff is amazing

Mayan Subrayan

  • Never undermine your wife’s judgement: she chose you!
  • “Yes, dear, you are right.”

Gary Colville

  • Flowers may not be a great financial investment, but they are a great physical investment.
  • Enjoy your wife.  Make it a priority.
  • Women are motivated differently.  Feel cherished by having security needs met.  Feel resentful for having sex without relational commitment.

Luke Weston

  • Create your own culture.  Blend of both your families.  Leave to cleave.
  • Don’t argue after 10pm (not Biblical, so take with a grain of salt).


Promise Keepers 2017 Believe


Saturday 7 October

1:55 pm

Power of Forgiveness

Sy Rogers

Forgiveness is giving mercy when people do not deserve it.

Matthew 18:21-35

  • Forgive, as you have been forgiven.  Else, you won’t be forgiven.
  • Forgiveness is not an intellectual matter.  It is about restoring relationship.

Sy’s testimony:

  • Bullies – these were merely immature.
  • Abuser – this was harder.  His sin was deliberate.  Sy’s feelings were: typical, predictable & temporary.  God showed Sy that God had already visited the punishment for the abuser, on His Son.  God wants to redeem everyone who will turn to him.  If you’re not ready to forgive yet, “yet” is a very important word.  It will come one day.
  • Dad – Sy’s perception of being sent away as abandonment.  Relationship was damaged.  Trust was broken.  DPR = disproportionate reaction.  If you still have DPR, you have not yet forgiven.

Support & Counsel

  • Syrogers.com
  • Syrogers1
Saturday 7 October

1:00 pm

Redeemed Manhood

Sy Rogers

Immaturity Characteristic Maturity
Live by Feelings Controls
Does not consider Consequences Recognizes
Lack of Responsibility Assume now
Selfish Others Serve
Insecurity Security
Driven Peace
Strive Content
Jealousy & Manipulation Release & bless

Be a Proverbs 31 Man:

·         Has security

·         Can release and bless his wife

Saturday 7 October

11:45 am

Faith in Action

Richard Brunton

Author: Anointed for Work

Men releasing God’s love and power for…

  1. Home and family
    a. Pray for healing
  2. Friends, acquaintances, neighboursa.       Pray for healing
  3. Workplace / marketplacea.       Pray for excellence

    b.       Change atmospheres

  4. Wider communitya.       Bless those who serve you

    b.       Pray for their children

Saturday 7 October

11:00 am

Authority Released

Norm McLeod

“Less hui, hui; more do-y, do-y.”

Luke 10:19

I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.

Saturday 7 October

9:30 am

Power to Change Your Life

Sy Rogers

Who are you listening to?

Asa Alonso Allen (March 27, 1911 – June 11, 1970), better known as A. A. Allen, was a minister with a Pentecostal evangelistic healing and deliverance ministry. He was, for a time, associated with the “Voice of Healing” movement founded by Gordon Lindsay. He died at the age of 59 in San Francisco, California.

Friday 6 October

9 pm

Father’s Blessing

Richard Brunton

Lift curses and bless:

  1. Be fruitful
  2. Be prosperous
  3. Be the head and not the tail
  4. Good character
  5. Good testimony
  6. Good friends
Friday 6 October

8 pm

Sons of God

Danny Guglielmucci

A Greek Australian

Let’s leave here with heaven’s accent, so that people know where we are from.  How?

  1. Revelation of deity
  2. Find our identity
  3. Get clarity
  4. Leads to destiny
  5. Give authority
  6. To live in victory

His adult son died January 2016 by lightning strike while on Christian camp, ministering to youth.  Having to process loss.  Where’s God amid tragedy?

Friday 6 October

7 pm

Living in God’s Presence 2/47

Tony McKeown

A Yorkshireman

I was not focussed initially.


8 Test: Misunderstanding

Sunday Service

  • 24 Sep. 17
  • Pastor Al Hall
  • 8 Tests that every follower of Christ must face

8 Tests

  1. Disappointment
  2. Time = Patience
  3. Failure
  4. Misunderstanding

The tough test of being misunderstood is because the important thing is being missed.

  • Al told story about putting up a post about a youth conference using a war image. The number of negative comments, makes you feel stink.
  • I feel the same way about the lack of Christians supporting the NZ Conservative Party. They should have voted with their values, not out of fear against whichever of the two major parties that they personally disliked.  But by standing up for Conservative values, I am automatically labelled homophobic, misogynistic & racist.  This is not just a misunderstanding, it’s a deliberate lie of the devil.

Therefore I, a prisoner for serving the Lord, beg you to lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God.

  • Always be humble and gentle.
  • Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love.
  • Make every effort to keep yourselves united in the spirit.

Bind yourselves together with peace.  For there is one body and one spirit, just as you have been called to one glorious hope for the future.  There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and father of all, who is over all, in all, and living through all.

Ephesians 4:1-6


  • Handle misunderstanding “with humility and discipline – not in fits and starts, but steadily pouring yourselves…”
  • It’s about giving up self, maintaining self-control and giving selfless love.
  • The remedy to misunderstanding sounds a lot like forgiveness.


  • We can only afford to be misunderstood when it isn’t the most important thing!
  • We can only afford to be misunderstood when we value something else more!
  • Mission Trumps Misunderstanding!
  • Forgiveness allows us to deal with it.


  • Kevin makes a nice comment to Al.
  • Al reacts with misunderstanding, and makes false accusation and breaks relationship.
  • Al has placed a burden upon Kevin.
  • Al doesn’t ask for forgiveness.
  • Kevin should take the burden to the cross and leave it there.
  • Kevin extends forgiveness to Al, without requiring an apology first.
  • Kevin is set free.
  • Relationship is not restored yet, until Al seeks it.